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Gaining Perspective

Dec 1, 2019

We discuss Neil Hennessy’s thoughts on the market as 2019 concludes, along with his 2020 outlook. Neil explains the key tenets of his investment strategy and why he thinks the market is not overvalued. Neil spends a great deal of his time talking to advisors and he discusses the key themes he is hearing.

Nov 29, 2019

Andy Wilson discusses how real assets have historically provided investors with solid returns, attractive income, portfolio diversification and a hedge against inflation. DWS has a 45-year investment heritage and is one of the world's leading alternatives managers.

Nov 27, 2019

Our topic today is ESG/SRI investing – one of the most important themes in the asset management industry over the last several years. One of the questions I will explore is whether the importance, history and culture of ESG at the asset manager firm level is more important than individual strategies. Indeed,...

Nov 26, 2019

Global rates have fallen over the course of 2019. Indeed, trillions of dollars in sovereign debt now carry negative yields. This has forced income-oriented investors to look to non-traditional sources to find sustainable, low-risk yields. Ben Kirby discusses the Thornburg Investment Income Builder fund, which has had an...

Nov 5, 2019

The first Litman Gregory Masters Fund was launched December 31, 1996. Litman Gregory Masters Equity was created because, as financial advisors, the team at Litman Gregory wanted more control over the mutual funds they used in its client portfolios, and it had specific ideas about how to build a “better fund.” Since...